Friday, June 6, 2008

Yin Qiao Mai: The Forgotten Line

Everyone knows about Dantien. Everyone knows about Ran Mai and Du Mai.

However, people often forget the importance of the YIN QIAO MAI.

In certain Chinese cultivation systems, it is believed that the Yin Qiao acts like a reservoir that supplies Qi to the other seven extraordinary meridians and the twelve classical meridians. Which means, if the Yin Qiao is strong, the rest of the meridians and the body is strong.
In martial arts, the Yin Qiao is one of the most useful alignment if one wants to achieve a strong stance.
While the most popular stance in martial arts seems to be the "square" looking ones, you can always improve your stability by utilizing the Yin Qiao alignment. How? Here are the steps:
1. Imagine a line that starts from the left pupil of your eye, run it down the left the side of the neck along the sternoclaidomastoid muscle, keep going down to the left hip ball joint, down the inner 1/3 of the thigh and leg, and end in the left foot arch.
2. Do the same with the right pupil and down the right side of the body.
3. Imagine the two lines flexible and resilient like bamboos.
4. Keep the two lines skewered.
Play with it, experiment with it. See whether you can make it work. If you can work it out, you will definitely find your stance a lot more stable.


titussung said...

I am G. Singh, and I wanted to thank you forposting and viewing my video that presents a western version interpretation of the 13 postures of Tai Chi Ch'uan and their application to Western Boxing, Kickboxing and Grappling. I saw one of the comments of Dr. Fung and wondered if it was a bad critique of that presentation. I don't read Chinese so I was hoping you could write me back at I liked your deconstruction of push hands or the application ofthe postures. If you indeed made the comment because you believe we are not applying the principles correctly I would like to hear what you have to say. I have become aware that our interpretation of great extremes boxing or Tai Chi Ch'uan is quite far from the Chinese take on the subject. With that in mind we have found the art very effective and evolving with its application to MMA rules combat.... We hopeto hear from you soon.... G

titussung said...

In case you forgot I am referring to the post at the Tai Chi Forum.

titussung said...

The information concerning the Forgotten Line is very very useful. The advise for its use sound wisdom and an awesome gift to add to form and pushhands training .... Thanks Doc

Scott said...

Dr. Fung,

I'm coming across this after reading your post on the Kung Fu Magazine forum.

This is very interesting, I can see how it can work. I now hope to be able to make it work for myself.

Thank you.