Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Double Axial Rotation using the Yin Qiao Mai

Challenge: How does one absorb an opponent’s strike, redirect his power, return with a powerful counter-strike, while remain complete stability, simultaneously?

Answer: Double Axial Rotation!

Here is how:
  1. Establish the Left Yinqiao Mai (LYQM) as the first axis of rotation. Let the rest of the body relax and freely rotate around this LYQM. The more relaxed you are, the freer the rotation and the less resultant force on the LYQM. This means that the more relaxed you are, the more stable you become.
  2. Allow the Right Yinqiao Mai (RYQM) to rotate and “fall” around LYQM. The RYQM acts as the second axis of rotation.
  3. Allow the strike to “spin out” from the RYQM.
  4. Be free to swap the role between LYQM and RYQM quickly to adapt to the opponent.

End result: The rotations around the two YQM act as two vortices. As the opponent makes contact with you, his force vectors are trapped within the ever changing vortices. While you remain completely stable, his power becomes completely dissolved. His incoming power also help you work out how to achieve the best “spin” for the counter-strike. The double rotation gives you tremendous speed, while the “falling” RYQM deliver your entire body weight into your strike.

The key to doing this properly is to stay RELAXED!

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