Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Footnote on Intent, "因敵變化視神奇"

To a certain degree, everyone has a little natural ability of unifying Shen Yi Qi. The moment your opponents' Shen Yi Qi unites even a little is when they are most powerful/effective. And once you fully understand how your own Shen Yi Qi (subconscious, conscious, body) works together, you can work on your opponents' too and make them ineffective by disrupting their Shen Yi Qi connection.

How the opponents' own Shen Yi Qi works and how to disrupt it completely depends on the opponent. Everyone is different and we must learn to adapt. Hence the Tai Chi saying "因敵變化視神奇" "Change according to the opponent" applies not just to the opponents' physical force, but to the opponent's complete self.